Adding Style +
Increasing Value

At Dream City Living, we believe in accessorizing your home with purpose. Built on 10+ years of experience in the design industry, our team’s in-house styling services can help maximize the value of your home with modern accessorizing and strategic furniture placement. If your home requires more comprehensive staging, we can easily connect you with a professional stager that we know and trust to make your home look magazine worthy.

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More Than Just a

We know this neighbourhood by more than just its statistics; we celebrate with friends in the buildings, run errands down the street, grab our morning coffee on the block, and come home to our own piece of the neighbourhood every day. The passion we have for our community allows us to understand prospective buyers on a more personal level, helping us position your home to their exact needs and wants.

“Kat is a master marketer and wonderful selling consultant who clearly genuinely cares about her clients. After re-positioning my furniture and bringing in modern accessories to style the whole place, my condo sold with fewer Days On Market than average for my building.”

Fion H.


Our Steps to Selling
Unique Properties

From day one, this process is catered to you. See for yourself by booking a seller’s meeting or home evaluation.


We meet in person for your first consultation to review your property.


After reviewing your property, we conduct a Comparative Market Analysis. By seeing your property and meeting you in-person, we are able to formulate a more specific CMA and personalized selling strategy.


At our second meeting, we present the CMA and selling strategy to you. We also provide a decluttering and cleaning proposal and can connect you with a stager if needed.


To maximize the value of your home, we style the space with our on-hand inventory of modern accessories.


We bring in a professional photographer to capture your home with high-quality photos and video.


We implement your customized marketing strategy with a focus on digital exposure.


Open Houses are held with branded feature sheets available for buyers and agents.


We receive and review all offers together until an offer is accepted.


Once all conditions within the offer have been met, the deal will be final.


Our team helps you prepare for your move, connecting you with movers, cleaners, and more.


On closing day, the buyer will take possession of the home, complete the legal paperwork and payments, and receive the deed and keys.


We remain just a call, email, or text away to help with all of your real estate needs for years to come.


Digitally Driven

When marketing and selling unique properties, we take the digital route. Here’s why:

  • 95% of buyers use online websites to search for a home

  • 74% use a phone or tablet

  • 15% use print advertising (source)

By allocating our resources to digital marketing, we can quickly reach the highest number of qualified buyers where they’re actually searching for a home, sharing information and promoting Open Houses instantly.

Featured Advertising

Your listing will be advertised on the MLS, the Dream City Living website, Facebook, Instagram, and through Google ads. We also include high-quality feature sheets and additional marketing through our Keller Williams network.

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