Licensed REALTOR®

A licensed REALTOR® since 2008, Kat understands that people are the most important consideration in real estate. She is committed to building long-standing and meaningful relationships through her personalized approach, dedication, integrity, and ability to understand her clients’ needs.

Interior Design Expert

Kat is also an interior design consultant with over 10 years of professional experience in the home fashion industry. Her expertise in this field deepens her understanding of property marketing, and brings valuable insights to her clients that helps them realize the full value of their homes.

Whether Kat is advising on a room redesign to maximize the potential of a space prior to listing, or guiding buyers with furniture layout and design ideas for their new place, her unique blend of real estate experience and interior design insight means her clients always have a competitive advantage when it comes to unlocking the value of their home.

Dream Home Advisor

Kat believes that our environment shapes our mind and attitude, which is the basis for how we create and lead our lives. By combining her expertise in real estate and design, Kat helps her clients find and create the ideal environment that puts them in the frame of mind they need to be their authentic selves, realize their potential and dreams, and ultimately help them lead happy and fulfilling lives in a city they love.

“I worked with Kat to design my home, and she’s extremely intuitive! She read me exceptionally well and incorporated some of my favourite colours in her design, with motifs that capture exactly what I’m about. Now, my condo is like a high-end, tailormade dress that fits me perfectly!”

Katerina A.

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